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Council of Churches wants to change the way needy are fed Thefed The Nets home jersey Lancaster city based organization recently completed the purchase of a new facility that will allow it to undertake a dramatic expansion of its programs. The increase from 7,0 square feet of rented space to owning the 27,0 square foot building goes beyond creating a larger food bank. The Council of Churches wants to change the way food is distributed and the needy are feed in LancasterLancaster Nets jerseys for sale County. Food will be distributed to the dozens of small community food pantries, to churches who host community mealsmeals Nets jerseys for kids and to individual needy families who come to the facility at 812 N. Queen St. The space, and a sophisticated inventory system, will also allow the Council of Churches to become a hub for healthy, fresh food. The food bank model of distributing donated canned food fills bellies, but in the long term leads to obesity, diabetes and other health problems, Fischer said. In Lancaster County the nation's most productive non irrigated farmland there is a prime opportunity to deliver overstocked or blemished fresh produce to needy families, Fischer believes. And, he believes, the Council of Churches can fill that role. "It's time to change the conversation. It's not about fullness. It's about wellness," Fischer said. The $2.5 million project is a huge step for the Council of Churches, but Fischer believes it is needed. "We're going to fill a gap that currently exists," Fischer said. Most towns, including Landisville,Landisville, cheap china Nets jerseys free shipping Leola, New Holland and Lititz, have at least one. Many are as large or larger than the city based Council of Churches was a decade ago, Fischer said. Peter's Porch started as an outreach of Zion Lutheran Church in Akron in 28 by providing a monthly Saturday breakfast for 50 60 families. The next year, the program expanded to provide a bag of groceries for each family. The numbers quickly doubled, said Pastor Matt Lenahan. Now distributing twice monthly from Zion and Faith United Lutheran, Denver, Peter's Porch gives a bag of packaged foods and a half bag of fresh produce to about 270 families, Lenahan said. Peter's Porch volunteers have been trying to increase the amount of fresh, nutritious food they provide. At the breakfasts, they have sought to provide more protein and fresh fruit, rather than the bakery items that are more readily available, but less nutritious. And, distributions of fresh sweet corn and potatoes last year were popular, Lenahan said. "People absolutely love it," he said. "People were absolutely ecstatic." Most of the distributed food is bought in bulk, at deeply discounted rates, from the Harrisburg based Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. With the expansion of the Council of Churches, Lenahan hopes the increased cold storage will allow donations from local farmers. "There is a hope of developing a network of gleaning local farms to provide more fresh produce," he said. "Sometimes farmers will have more harvest in the field than they can commercially handle, so it doesn't even have to be leftovers," said Lenahan, who has volunteered to glean orchards in Lebanon County. Otherwise, ripe produce would be left in the field or on the tree to waste, he said. Now, there is no place to go with that food. "Their capacity to store will be extremely helpful to the small food pantries like ours," he said of the Council of Churches. Joe Arthur, executive director of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, said he gets calls from farmers, wholesale distributors and stores willing to donate smaller quantities of produce, such as a few boxes of tomatoes. But, Arthur said, unless it is at least five or six pallets, it is not cost effective for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to send a truck from Harrisburg. Having the Council of Churches food hub centrally located to Lancaster County will allow farmers and distributors to take donations there. "That will be the big innovation. They'll bebe cheap Nets 2014 jerseys able to accept thousands of pounds of food product," said Arthur, who helped plan and design the food hub.