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Cheap USB Simultaneous Multitrack Recording : Cheap USB Simultaneous Multitrack Recording want to record simultaneous tracks without an expensive pa system or beastly sound card? i did. i'll show you how with some cheap usb soundcards.i got tired of having to record one track and then another and then another when i could really do it all in one take, with much better results. i had a couple computers sitting around in various states of disrepair, so i gutted the sound card from one and put it in another. then using my recording software (cool edit pro at the time) i mapped the soundcards to different tracks and viola, it worked. i hit up ebay and found some usb soundcards for about $3 each and bought about 8 of them. using a usb hub, i plugged in 4 of them and attached a couple of different things and i was surprised when it worked much better than i anticipated.dislcaimer: it would seem these cards are limited to 16 bit recording. that being said, as youyou Spurs home jersey can tell from the videos, it still sounds pretty good. while i wouldn't try and start my own recording studio with this technology, for hobbyists, budding musicians, bands strapped for cash putting a demo together, i think this is a much better option than recording single tracks and having to overlay them.them. cheap Spurs 2014 jerseys thank you all forfor cheap chinese Spurs jerseys your interest, keep the comments coming, and i'd love to hear what you can make with this. but seriously, without a good quality sound card, your recordings are going to sound like garbage compared to mostmost Spurs jerseys for kids home recordings. You gotta start with good quality audio to get a good quality can pick up something like an old m audio fast tracktrack cheap china Spurs jerseys free shipping on ebay for less than $20. that will let you do 2 tracks at a time, but they make units to do much much more. There octane preamp has 8 channels, which is great for live drums.these units are a little older so you can usually find them pretty cheep.just thought id share a little more efficient way of making multitracking on a budgetiggy911 year agoReplyI was never satisfied with the way my acoustic guitar sounded with a one mic set up, but couldn't afford a expensive multitrack sound card. Bought 4 of these USB cards for like $2.50 each (shipped).I now use two microphones one mic dead center in the sound hole, one might at the beginning of the frets, one mic panned hard left, one hard right. While they are essentially recording the same thing, the slight differences make for a beautiful stereo sound. Maybe not studio quality, but much better than I was getting before.I've also experimented with a three input setup the mics set up as above, and my guitar's pickup as a third input, dead center in the track. It shows promise, but I haven't got it to sound quite right yet.I've got a lot of experimenting to do with mic positioning, how far to pan the inputs left/right, etc, but I can tell you now this was the best $10 I've spent in awhile.Thanks so much for this instructable! Now I need to start writing something someone would want to listen to!